Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Ethical aspects of cognitive enhancements

The British Medical Association (BMA) published in November 2007 a discussion paper on the use of mind enhancement drugs covering the medical, scientific, social, and ethical aspects of the subject.
In April 2008, the British journal Nature published the resutls of a poll in which they surveyed 1400 persons from a wide range of age categories on the use of mind enhancement drugs.

The use of prespription drugs like psychostimulants as mind enhancers is spreading in college campuses in the US. The US government has been monitoring the problem since 2003.

I have discussed the issue on this blog a while ago but under a different perspective. In a future post, I will revisit this perspective at the light of the BMA discussion paper.

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Anonymous said...

Ritalin a nice cheap legal way to get high in my youth... Quite a contrast to the usual war on drugs nonsense...